The Washington Daily News: Wednesday, October 14, 1931

Last of the Marshalls of Marshall Hall

Marshall Hall, Va., which to most Washingtonians means the destination of a moonlight boat excursion, to Mrs. W. S. Somerson, Wellington Apartments, is her family home and birthplace. Mrs. Somerson, shown above, was the last member of the Marshall family born in this historic home. It was inherited by her father, Thomas Marshall, from his father, but had to be sold after the Civil War. It was built about 1690 by William Marshall II, son of William Marshall I, an early colonist who bought the land on which it stands from the Emperor of the Piscataway Indians. It antedates George Washington's home, Mt. Vernon by half a century. Maryland D.A.R.'s yesterday placed a marker on the old mansion.

Cora Marshall Somerson
Formerly of:
1701 Park Road, NW
Washington, D.C.

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