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Reunion 2000 Reunion Committee

meet the committee
(July 2000, from left to right - Peggy, Lynne, Becky and Jim)

Thank You From the Committee:  The reunion committee had a lot of fun organizing both the 20th and the 30th reunions.  We hope that all of you who attended the Friday night bash and the 30th reunion enjoyed yourselves and thank you for making it a success.  We hope to see you again soon (don't be strangers!).


Becky Cool
The biggest event in my life since the 20th reunion is my becoming a mother in May of 1999 when I adopted my daughter Rosalia from Russia. She is the light of my life! I am so glad I decided to take the plunge into parenthood. She is the typical two year old, talking, babbling and always on the move. Between Rosalia and our two Australian Shepherds, there is never a dull moment in our house.
I have now been with EPA for 21 years and have managed to change jobs often enough that it remains challenging and interesting. I have spent most of my career in the Pesticide Program but am now a branch chief in the Toxic Substances program dealing with the regulation of industrial chemicals. As much of my work deals with international harmonization, it has required travel to Mexico, Argentina, Japan and Europe. 
I cherish my years at Hammond and hope my daughter has a similar high school experience.

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Lynne (Hamilton) Weir
Obviously, since graduation from college, I havenít ventured very far from Hammond.  I think growing up as an Army brat had something to do with my desire to stay put! I went to Longwood College for 2 years and then the Medical College of Virginia for Physical Therapy (with Sally Jones). Iíve worked as a therapist at Arlington and Fairfax Hospitals and came to Inova Mount Vernon Hospital in 1979 and thatís where Iíve stayed. In 1983 I found my niche in cardiac rehabilitation where I have been able to incorporate my clinical skills with my interest in fitness as the clinical coordinator of the program. 
My love life varied little also! Steve and I married and we live in Alexandria in the Rosemont area (If you remember the cannon we used to pass in the bus on the way to games at GW High School, Rosemont is the neighborhood to the right). Steve is an architect so our second house is designed by him. We have two sons, Trevor (19) and Casey (17). We just took Trev to Full Sail, an entertainment industry school in Florida, where heís enrolled in the digital media program and Casey is a senior at TC Willliams.
Steve has been coaching crew at TC Williams for 25 years and is the head girlsí coach. Casey is on the team and is a coxswain like his dad was. We had a blast this summer taking 3 girls boats and 2 boys boats to Canada for the Canadian Nationalís. Steveís lightweight varsity boat silvered, the heavyweight girls got a bronze and Caseyís junior eight won gold! Yes, Iím sucked into crew, too, as a member of the growing Alexandria Community Rowing (benefits the crew team) and row in a quad with one other woman and 2 men. We compete also and our best has been first place at the Head of the Schuylkill in the mixed (up) masters quad event. And Steve rowed with us that time!  I think Iíve gone on enough! See many of you soon and would love to hear from others

Lynne and the boys (Trevor, Lynne, Casey and Steve)


Peggy Marshall
"Memories... light the corners of my mind..." Well, there are some spiders in those corners!  "How Recession Ruined my Life" (by Henry Gibson a/k/a Mugsy)

If it wasn't for the recession, I would have become a computer cartographer at NOAA with a pack of my Mary Wash geology/-geography friends. But this was not to be. In 1974, I was a nanosecond too late in getting my civil service rating. A hiring freeze killed my application, so I sat on my bed for 9 months and watched most of the pre-colorized "Turner Classics." I began to develop a wiseguy "Mugsy" accent which didn't help me too much at job interviews! Then, salvation! I got a job with my dentist as his receptionist, and soon became his assistant - jumping at the "mining for gold and silver" opportunities. You know that little "catch" jar were all your sucked saliva goes? Well, I left soon after I had to clean that out... I became an histology technician for an animal pathologist. This means you cut up rats into little cubes and make slides outta dem - "take dat, you dirty rat!" I was grateful for NIH cutbacks to the laboratory - saved by a layoff! Two weeks later, I answered an ad for a seismic data analyst. This was training for the interpretation of seismic waveform records for Teledyne Geotech in Alexandria. They monitored a worldwide network of seismic stations for the (150 KT) Limited Test Ban Treaty. That was over twenty years ago, and now, I do research supporting the (1 KT) Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty. I work part-time for Maxwell Technologies in Reston, and spend the rest of my hours at the Marshall Hall Foundation, a non-profit to restore Marshall Hall on the Potomac - 


jim and doug larson
(me with Doug Larson)

James Long
I started working in retail right out of high school, going to college nights and weekends.  This college time did not get me out of the draft.  I joined the Air Force and got into military intelligence.  When Vietnam ended I went back to retail management while attending classes at American University in D.C., finally graduating with a B.A. in Economics.  I started with the Environmental Protection Agency in 1980 and have been there ever since.  Part of what I do now is to design and manage the web sites in the division where I work.  I married a woman I met at EPA in 1990. We have two beautiful girls.  I continue to enjoy racing sailboats on the Chesapeake Bay, something Iíve been doing since 1976 as foredeck crew and general deck ape and, spending lots and lots of time with the kids. And... of course, Iíve enjoyed helping to organize the 20th and now the 30th reunions.


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